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Termite Inspection and Treatment Newton, Iowa

Your home is one of the most expensive possessions you own. Termites have the capacity to ruin your investment very quickly. In some cases, it is quite possible that you will never know that termites are there until extensive damage has already been done. Hawkeye Exterminators is your Newton termite treatment and inspection specialist and the best in Newton exterminators. We have been serving Newton, Colfax, Monroe, Grinnell, Montezuma and Pella communities for over 30 years. We are a locally owned business with deep ties to our community and long term relationships with commercial and residential customers.

Buying or selling a home? - We do termite inspections for real estate transaction

Hawkeye Exterminators can offer multiple termite treatment and control strategies. From conventional liquid applications to wood treatment and termite bait stations, we do it all. Every infestation is different and while some can be addressed by applying chemical to wood and foundation, others reqauire aggressive treatment with injection of foam inside wall voids and drilling holes to apply chemicals. Termite-bait-station is best way to monitor and control entire termitye colony. While this process take more time, it is safe for your family and environment and most effective to address termite problem in a long-run.

At Hawkeye Exterminators, our mission is to provide effective professional pest control in Newton and surrounding communities for all of our customers. We aim to improve the quality of life of our clients, our community, the environment and our employees. See what makes us the best in exterminators and pest control in central Iowa. We respond to every pest problem like it is an emergency, 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week. Call Tony at 515-249-2055 or Dave at 641-891-9487 or fill out a short request form.

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