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Bed Bugs Treatment Newton, Iowa

Bedbugs have increased by 800% in the past few years. They affect all types of properties and all neighborhoods. If you have bed bugs, you are not alone and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Hawkeye Exterminators is your bed bug solution in Newton and surrounding areas. We have been serving Newton, Colfax, Monroe, Grinnell, Montezuma and Pella communities for over 30 years. We are a locally owned business with deep ties to our community and long term relationships with our customers.

What is the best treatment for Bed Bugs?

A bed bug problem can grow exponentially if not treated. In order for a long-term relief, you need to eliminate 100% of the bed bugs, as a single pregnant female can start the problem all over again. There are three common treatment options available.

  • Radiant Heat Treatment: It requires infested area to be heated above 120 degree and maintain this temperature for 90 minutes. While this method is highly effective, risks are very high. Powerful space heaters used by exterminators can easily burn down your house. You can also have extensive damage to furniture due to excessive heat and having the heater duct work in your driveway can be embarrassing.
  • Chemical Application: These are environmentally safe but require multiple applications over a period of 120 days. There is also prep time involved before chemicals can be applied.
  • Cryogenic Freeze Technology: While it is safer than radiant heat method, you cannot freeze the whole house. This method is more effective for isolated areas in your home. If you suspect bed bug infestation, heat or chemical methods are more likely to yield results.

Hawkeye Exterminators can offer multiple bed bug treatment and control strategies. From conventional chemical application to space heaters, we do it all. Every infestation is different and requires a professional exterminator company to get results.

At Hawkeye Exterminators, our mission is to provide effective professional pest control in Newton and surrounding communities for all of our customers. We aim to improve the quality of life of our clients, our community, the environment and our employees. See what makes us the best in exterminators and pest control in central Iowa. We respond to every pest problem like it is an emergency, 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week. Call Tony at 515-249-2055 or Dave at 641-891-9487 or fill out a short request form.

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